TFT Dragonlands: TFT set 7 comps to play on PBE
TFT Set 7 Dragonlands Augments econ guide

TFT Dragonlands: TFT set 7 comps to play on PBE

Comps based around Guild, Astral and Cannoneers

Teamfight Tactics set 7 officially hits the Public Beta Environment on Tuesday, and it features a brand new world with plenty of new champions, traits and mechanics. During the first days of the PBE release, players might have trouble figuring out what to try, but here are three TFT set 7 comps that won games during an exclusive playtest Upcomer participated in.

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Guilded horses

This comp utilizes the strengths of the Guild trait, which grants unique bonuses to each team member based on the specific champions on the team. But no choices are necessary here, because this comp essentially throws all them together.

As a result, each Guild member is getting a super powered up Trinity Force for free, which was strong in testing. The main carry of the Guild composition is, of course, the four-cost Assassin, Talon. With his aggro-dropping ability and raw power, he does enough damage to be the main carry.

In the playtest, it seemed like a frontline consisting of the Cavalier champions was incredibly strong, as well. Nunu is also the comp’s secondary carry, as players may remember him from TFT Reckoning.

Revel Cannoneers

Players that remember the Sharpshooter composition will love this one. Cannoneers have a similar playstyle, as they rely on raw offensive burst at the start of the round. In fact, they rely on that so much that the comp doesn’t really care about the frontline and will sacrifice it for more power in the back.

This set’s version of that composition revolves around the Cannoneers and the Revel champions. Cannoneers provide the sheer force by doing area of effect attack damage on every fifth auto. And the Revel champions do even more damage as they launch a firecracker at a random enemy, doing magic damage on every ability cast. The cool part of this comp is that since Tristana is a Trainer/Cannoneer and Sona is a Revel/Evoker, throwing in Lulu, who is a Trainer/Evoker (also a Mystic), activates the Trainer trait, which summons a Gromp players can use as a pseudo-frontline.


This comp is pretty straightforward and by far the easiest to play of the bunch. Simply reroll for all the Astral champions and, once that is done, add in Auerlion Sol to be the comp’s late-game carry. Varus is also an incredible champion that can be used as a damage threat or a CC machine. He is also hands down one of the best Mage emblem holders, too.

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