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It is now easier than ever to grab information when it comes the best compositions in Teamfight Tactics thanks to data and API resources like MetaTFT.com — though that info doesn’t often come with context. However, in this TFT tier list, Upcomer’s 17-time Master ranked player is here to fix that with a tier list for TFT b patch 12.5.


Innovators are still the best comp in the game. Senna is just one of many different carry options. | Provided by Warren Younger/lolchess.gg team builder.

It’s honestly starting to get old at this point, but Innovators are once again the best comp in the game (for what feels like the entire set). The comp contains one of, if not the most flexible traits of all time due to the incredible supporting cast.

Each champion in the trait either activates an additional high-profile trait or offers a very strong utility ability. This allows players to build practically any damage dealer as the main carry in the comp. Jhin, Kha’Zix, Jinx, Irelia, Senna and many more are often on the table.

Socialite Irelia

Socialite Irelia is still one of the strongest comps in the entire game if you can protect your carry. | Provided by Warren Younger/lolchess.gg team builder.

Another popular, flexible composition making the top five once again is Socialite Irelia. This comp is very straightforward. As the single most powerful carry champion in the entire set — with some helpful agility — Irelia only needs three Socialite champions to achieve a recipe for victory. The rest of the composition can be filled with multiple different traits, whether it be Innovators, Bodyguards, Scrap or anything else that helps Irelia either do more damage or stay alive long enough to do said damage.

Renata Bruisers

The Renata Bruisers comp is a big ticking time bomb, and it’s very good at exploding. | Provided by Warren Younger/lolchess.gg team builder.

Renata Glasc Bruisers makes its return to the top five this week. The comp, when players hit, is incredible. She Chemtech carry is essentially a ticking time bomb.

With her damage over time ability multiplied by Morello’s, enemy players are forced to win the round quickly or slowly bleed out. Doing that is difficult thanks to the Bruiser frontline’s ability to buy time. Silco also helps by giving your Bruisers extra longevity, though the extra time he grants is only borrowed.

Debonair Talon Assassins

The best reroll comp in the current metagame centers around Talon. | Provided by Warren Younger/lolchess.gg team builder.

The most powerful reroll composition this week comes in the form of Debonair Talon. Talon reroll is powerful due to the way his VIP ability bleeds opponents for true damage throughout the round. That, multiplied by the other Assassins in the composition and his safety in the backline, makes this comp capable of winning even the most stacked lobbies.

Perfect Synergies (Twitch/Camille/Warwick reroll)

The second best reroll comp is very pleasing to the eyes — especially when it wins. | Provided by Warren Younger/lolchess.gg team builder.

Finally, the comp at the bottom of the top tier list is just Innovators, with a twist.

Perfect Synergies is essentially the ultimate reroll composition. Players are simply rerolling for multiple one and two-cost champions that are capable of being primary carries. Twitch, Camille, Warwick and Ezreal are all fantastic options in this comp. But the reason why this comp is powerful outside of the individual champions is due to the sum of their parts.

These eight champions combine for a perfect match of synergies. Every trait listed on each of these champions are activated when they are all on the board together. Not a single trait is left inactive, making this comp highly efficient both in the cost department and the trait department.

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