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The inaugural season of the Call of Duty League (CDL) has seen its fair share of drama. Professional players have been bickering over social media more often than usual. Perhaps it’s because of the CDL transferring to an online format amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever the reason, however, fans are enjoying the drama that’s been occurring because of it. Recently, two rivals, Donny “Temp” Laroda (New York Subliners) and Josiah “Slacked” Berry (Seattle Surge), traded insults on Twitter. Though, one of the insults could provide an insight into a recent roster move in the Call of Duty League.

Temp calls out Slacked for his toxicity

Temp and Slacked have been longtime rivals in Call of Duty. The two have simply never seemed to get along and frequently trade jabs on social media. So, it wasn’t too surprising to see the players start bickering yesterday.

The argument started off normally enough, with Temp calling out Slacked for being a toxic player. Slacked had recently tweeted out a screenshot from a scrimmage in which the Seattle Surge dominated a CDL Challengers team. Of course, Slacked didn’t like this comment and retorted with one of his own. Unfortunately, Slacked deleted all of his tweets shortly after he posted them.

While these were relatively small jabs, it’s what Temp said next that has the community talking:

According to Temp, Slacked was a key reason behind Damon “Karma” Barlow’s recent retirement from Call of Duty. It’s well-documented that the Surge has been dealing with some issues since the start of the CDL. The team has loads of talent but can’t seem to put it all together when it comes time to play.

Because of this and maybe some other reasons, Karma decided to call it quits on the season and his playing career. While we don’t know the other reasons, Temp is claiming Slacked could have been involved in the retirement.

Of course, this is all unfounded and based on a single tweet. However, it would make sense if Karma were to retire due to unfixable issues within the Surge’s roster. For now, we’re left with Karma’s retirement and a must-see match when the Subliners and Surge next face each other.

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