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Yesterday, Riot announced the addition of four new champions and a brand new origin to Teamfight Tactics. Champions Camille, Jayce, Vi, and Jinx will be added to the game on August 14. They are already playable on the public test servers, and players have discovered some shocking bugs with their Hextech origin.

Spatula interaction

Reddit user Jesus_the_answer discovered a very surprising interaction between the new origin and Spatula items. It seems that, under the right circumstances, using Hextech against your opponent could actually help them build a stronger team.

Teamfight Tactics item cheat sheet by Zekrow

The bug affects Spatula composite items. Most of them add an additional synergy to the champion equipping them, like Knight or Glacial. When the Hextech synergy disables such an item, it stops the synergy from working for that battle. However, the synergy remains applied on the champion.

When the item reactivates after the fight, it instantly pops off from the champion. This is an innate mechanic in Teamfight Tactics – if an item applies a redundant synergy, it is automatically removed. The player can then equip the item on another champion to give them the synergy.

This Hextech bug has the unfortunate effect of helping your opponents in the long run. It allowed Jesus_the_answer to build the formidable team composition you see below.

Teamfight Tactics Hextech bug in action

Destroy permanently

Other players are experiencing a different and more brutal bug. It would seem that, under certain circumstances, Hextech can destroy items completely instead of disabling them. While that might not be a huge deal for players who were lucky enough to benefit from the Spatula bug, it is still extremely problematic.

Considering the severity of both bugs, Riot is probably already working on a hotfix. In the meantime, you can use this rare opportunity to try to build some really crazy combinations in the PBE.

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