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Riot Games discussed in a blog update some of the changes coming to League of Legends game mode Teamfight Tactics. With Set 2: Rise of the Elements releasing soon, Riot took the time to go over what worked, and what did not, in the first few months of the mode’s release.

How to control randomness in Teamfight Tactics

One of the biggest challenges that TFT faces is the random element of the game. Variance is always something players need to watch out for in any type of game. Riot recognizes the necessity of randomness and how “utilizing randomness in the correct way creates a wider variety of experiences, which leads to more replayability.” A positive example of a way to approach randomness was with the Imperial class trait. With two Imperial class champions, one of the two will randomly deal double damage to enemies. According to Riot, this fits into “acceptable random because you opted into the risk, and it was fairly easy to predict the possible outcomes.”

Problems arise when that randomness shuts down gameplay possibilities. Class traits that come from Hextech where an opposing champion can lock your champions items limit gameplay. In a game mode with random item drops, having items shut down creates a negative impact on gameplay. Riot assured players that, when Set 2 releases, they will continue to try to keep random effects controlled and to have positive effects on gameplay.

Balancing the good and the bad

The blog post also discussed how they have worked to ensure that the wide cast of champions are balanced. Some champions, such as Fiora, Lissandra, and Mordekaiser, are weaker overall because they contribute towards powerful traits. In order to gain the Phantom trait, players may need to use a weaker Mordekaiser to gain the buff. However, forcing players to play underpowered characters limits team compositions and is generally not enjoyable.

Alternatively, champions that are clearly too powerful aren’t healthy for a game type either. Champions such as Pantheon have powerful spells that turn the tide in a fight too much. Those caught in Pantheon’s area-of-effect spell are subject to taking lots of damage, being stunned, and taking damage over time after the resolution of the spell. Riot vows that for Set 2 they are working to make a more even playing field for champions.

Teamfight Tactics battle
Along the same lines, Riot will be adjusting effects that disable other gameplay elements from happening. Abilities and traits like Glacial, which can freeze champions in place, will be reduced in Set 2. The blog did not go into detail on how it will be tweaking the trait but promises not to remove the ability entirely from the game.

The blog ended with a commitment to make taking fourth place or higher feel like an accomplishment. Moving forward, placing fourth or higher will guarantee not losing league points.

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