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Every weekend, before the next Teamfight Tactics patch hits the live servers, developer Riot Mort publishes a preview of all changes included for the upcoming patch on Twitter. This week was no exception, and the upcoming patch is going to be a big one.

A new champion enters the arena

With Teamfight Tactics patch 9.19, the 61st champion will enter the rotation. Kai’Sa will be the 5th Void champion in Teamfight Tactics and will represent the Ranger and Assassin trait. For more on the new champion, be sure to check out the announcement post about her.

Item additions and reworks

Besides the new champion, the 9.19 patch will also introduce a new combinable item, the Sparring Gloves. This item gives the wearer additional Dodge Chance and an increased ability for Critical Strikes. These were originally intended to be included in the 9.18 patch, but they were delayed to further work out the balancing issues. Additionally, besides the new items made with Sparring Gloves, the items Infinity Edge and the Sword of the Divine will receive reworks.

Infinity Edge is now an item made by combining a Sparring Gloves with a B.F. Sword. The old recipe of Infinity Edge has been replaced by Lord’s Edge, an item that gains additional attack damage for every takedown throughout the round. Lastly, the Sword of the Divine has been replaced by a new item, Last Whisper, which deals true damage equal to 5% of the target’s maximum health on hit.

Further champion changes in patch 9.19

According to the preview tweet made by Riot Mort, 16 champions out of the 60 currently available in the game are expected to receive some change in this patch. Additionally, 6 traits will be adjusted in an attempt to further shake up the meta. As such, this will be the largest patch to date by far. It should help push a lot of players to give the game another try following the relatively stale meta we have had over the past two patches.

Teamfight Tactics patch 9.19 is set to release globally on Sept 25. For more Teamfight Tactics content, be sure to check out our coverage of the All-Star Event for League of Legends, which is set to include Teamfight Tactics as one of the competitions.

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