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Every Friday, one of the lead designers for Teamfight Tactics, Riot Mort, releases the tentative changes for the upcoming Teamfight Tactics patch. This week’s changes include the newest Teamfight Tactics champion, Pantheon, and changes to healing and shapeshifters.

Shapeshifters in patch 9.17

The Shapeshifter Trait will see several of its champions improved. The early game shapeshifters, with the exception of Elise, are expected to be buffed in patch 9.17. However, these changes come at a cost – Swain. Currently, Swain can become unkillable using a combination of three items: Spear of Sohjin, The Bloodthirster, and Hextech Gunblade. This combination, on top of the natural life gain from Swain’s ability, makes it nearly impossible for many comps in Teamfight Tactics to take him out. With the upcoming changes to Grievous Wounds that were teased last week, something had to be done to stop Swain from taking over the game.

Changes to Healing in Teamfight Tactics

The other major aspect of this patch is a change to healing as a whole. The planned changes to Morellonomicon and Red Buff did not make it into the most recent patch. However, Grievous Wounds (anti-healing) is still up for a change. Also, further nerfs are planned to the two life steal items, the Bloodthirster and Hextech Gunblade. The other healing nerfs on the list are actually to the Nobles trait.

The Nobles trait has gone through many iterations over the past weeks. Even after several patches with buffs and nerfs to the trait, Nobles still haven’t found a sweet spot. However, changes to the trait are currently being tested on the PBE, reducing the healing on hit from 35 to 20.

We will know more about which of these changes will make it into the next patch on Tuesday, when the official patch 9.17 changes will be revealed. This will come ahead of the actual release of patch 9.17 on Wednesday, Aug 28. For more of Teamfight Tactics, check out all you need to know about the 9.16B patch.

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