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League of Legends‘ new game mode, Teamfight Tactics, is undergoing its biggest changes in the form of patch 9.14 with ranked mode and the arrival of Twisted Fate. The newest patch also boasts a number of changes for the other game modes as well. The developers at Riot recently compiled a full list of changes that have come to Teamfight Tactics already, so read up on those to ensure you’re fully updated!

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New ranked mode in Patch 9.14

Ranked queues for Teamfight Tactics will be available with patch 9.14. You and up to two friends will be able to party up and climb the ladder together. This is a little different than what Riot initially told everyone to expect for ranked parties. The Teamfight Tactics team previously stated that you could “queue with up to five friends if you’re all Gold or lower.” Reaching the rank of Platinum or higher would have restricted your party size to three. Now, party sizes are restricted to three across the game mode. There was no reasoning given in the patch notes. For more information on how the ranked mode will work, check out our “What to expect” article.

A new challenger approaches

Twisted Fate will be joining the champion pool in 9.14. He is a 2-cost unit with the Pirate and Sorcerer traits. He brings his Pick a Card ability with him to the arena. Activation cycles through a red, blue, and gold card above his head. Afterwards, Twisted Fate throws the card. The card has different effects depending on what color it is. The red card will deal area-of-effect damage to enemies surrounding the target hit. The gold card will stun a random target champion. The blue card will restore mana to him and nearby allies.

3-cost and 4-cost unit changes

Three-cost units are not performing well relative to their cost in Teamfight Tactics. On the other hand, 4-cost units are over-performing. Addressing these issues, Riot is generally buffing 3-cost units and nerfing 4-cost units in 9.14. This should bring those champions more in line with their costs. A full list of changes to these units is available in the patch notes.

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