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Riot released a developer diary post today, addressing the state of Teamfight Tactics and their plans for its future. It seems there is a lot on the horizon for the autobattler. Read on for our full breakdown of what to expect in the next few patches, including a new origin and the introduction of Twisted Fate!

Frequent changes

Riot states that the game’s current state, which they call pre-Ranked Beta, will be the proving ground for the finished product. “We’ll be making swift adjustments and balance changes every few days as new things are discovered,” the post states. Many of the current mechanics in Teamfight Tactics, including items and player damage, will be changed.

More specifically, changes are coming to champions Garen, Yasuo, Kennen, and the item Morellonomicon. The drop rates of all champions and items will also be adjusted. Besides balance, quality of life changes are also on the way. The post promises the game’s UI will be expanded to include more information. This is something many players have been asking for.

expanded ui garen | Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14 preview: new origin, Twisted Fate, more
An example of the expanded user interface coming to Teamfight Tactics.

Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14 preview

As we previously reported, a ranked mode should be added in the upcoming patch. Riot noted that players who make it to the final four survivors in a match will still gain rank points, even if they lose. This is helpful for those games where your build seems to fall apart right at the end.

League of Legends champion Twisted Fate was also recently teased as the next addition to Teamfight Tactics. Riot confirmed he will be added with patch 9.14 and will be a Pirate Sorcerer class champion. His existence should hopefully breath life into the Pirate builds, which are presently very difficult to pull off.

Tft teamfight tactics patch twisted fate

Perhaps the most interesting announcement coming from the post is the arrival of a new origin in an upcoming patch. That means a brand new family of builds and strategies coming to Teamfight Tactics. We don’t know when the origin will be added, but it should be soon, according to the developer post.

Items will stay random, but less so

The developer post also noted that Riot is happy with the RNG elements of Teamfight Tactics. While unpredictability can be fun, they promised to work on keeping it in check. The next patch should mitigate the early item drop randomness to help players work towards their desired builds more easily.

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