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The notes for patch 10.1 have just been released for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics (TFT). As such, let’s break down the key changes coming to TFT in the first update of 2020. This includes an item overhaul, new champions, and some new little legends.

New champions for TFT season 10

With the first update of the year, we will see the introduction of two new champions to the Teamfight Tactics game. Leona and Karma will arrive, representing the new trait “Lunar”. Lunar increases your team’s critical strike chance and damage by 15% and their spell power by 10%. This effect occurs every 7 seconds and can stack up to 4 times. Leona is introduced into set 2 as a 1-cost Warden/Lunar champion, while Karma is a 3-cost Mystic.

Three new Little Legends

The new year brings with it the newest set of Little Legends. This patch includes Flatterbug, Craggle, and Tocker. These Little Legends and their different forms are available now in the League of Legends store.

Changes to key itemization

This update also sees changes in the recipes for three of the key items in TFT. New additions include the Last Whisper (Sparring Gloves + Recurve Bow), Titan’s Resolve (Chain Vest + Recurve Bow), and Bramble Vest (Chain vest + Chain vest). Eight other items have received minor changes in patch 10.1, which can all be found in the full patch notes.

The most important of these is the change to Frozen Heart. Unlike before, Frozen Heart now reduces nearby enemies’ attack speed by 40% instead of 25%. However, as a downside, stacking Frozen Heart will no longer be as effective. Before, players could stop enemies from attacking if four Frozen Hearts were worn by their team. Now, however, stacking Frozen Heart will simply increase the radius of Frozen Heart’s effect.

The patch 10.1 update is set to be released on Jan. 8. For more TFT news, be sure to read all about the upcoming release for Teamfight Tactics on Mobile.

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