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As answered on stream by Riot designer Stephen “MortDog” Mortimer, Teamfight Tactics Mobile may release sooner than we thought. MortDog held a stream on Christmas day, playing Teamfight Tactics while also giving away prizes to his fans. When asked about TFT Mobile’s release date, MortDog said it will surely launch before May of next year. Unfortunately, he did not give any further details on the matter. The game is expected to release on both iOS and Android and will reportedly feature cross-play with PC players.

Does mobile work for Teamfight Tactics?

As with every PC-to-mobile port, questions arise on whether this game fits the new platform or not. While handy for many tasks, a touchscreen can also cause a lot of problems, especially when it comes to games. However, Teamfight Tactics Mobile will likely serve as a perfect PC port. The game focuses mostly on strategy and doesn’t require any quick, reactive actions that could become problematic on touchscreens.

Furthermore, an issue with mobile games that require an internet connection is often latency. It plays a big role in games where quick decisions matter – and fortunately, Teamfight Tactics isn’t one of them. Playing over a mobile network or Wi-Fi should not be a problem. Lastly, the limitations of the hardware, which often prevent bigger games from coming to mobile, won’t be an issue either. Teamfight Tactics isn’t very graphically intensive, and based on Riot’s track record, it should be very well optimized even for weaker devices. Examples of other ports, such as PUBG or Fortnite, also prove this market is worth getting into.

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Increasing the playerbase

If the rumors of Teamfight Tactics Mobile having cross-play with PC are true, the release will surely boost player numbers. The mobile gaming market is growing faster than one might imagine, and having a game on a growing platform is always a good idea. The mobile game market is very large in China, too, as it contributes to 57 percent of its video game revenue. China is also Riot’s biggest market, and this version of TFT is most likely aimed at that audience. However, as we have seen with mobile games in the past, the west will surely jump on the bandwagon too.

Do you think Teamfight Tactics Mobile will live up to the hype surrounding it? Let us know in the comments below!