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On late July 3, a hotfix was released for Teamfight Tactics by Riot Games surrounding a bug in the item Spear of Shojin. Other changes in the hotfix patch include changes to Pyke and the Yordle trait.

Spear of Shojin

Spear of Shojin was unintentionally still generating 20 percent of a champion’s maximum mana on hit, rather than the 15 percent it was supposed to be following a nerf in an earlier patch. This hotfix will affect the current most popular strategies a lot, both the Elementalist trait and various builds of the Assassin team comps.

From the Elementalist/Sorcerer team comps the champion most affected will be Brand. While this hotfix is unlikely to make the build Elementalist/Sorcerer nonviable, it is an improvement for alternative team comps.

As for the assassin team comps, Pyke is hit the most by far. Pyke has been considered far too strong by many of the top streamers and players. The hotfix to Spear of Shojin and the other changes in this small patch should reduce his power a bit.

Pyke nerf

As mentioned earlier, Pyke has been considered by many to be oppressive. Players even went as far as to ban double Spear of Shojin Pykes from their private lobbies. These changes could not come soon enough. In this patch, Pyke has been hit in two ways. It first occurred through the fix of Spear of Shojin, which (as mentioned) Pyke used two of in his most popular build. And secondly, it occurred through a nerf to his stun duration by 0.5 seconds at all ranks.

Yordles just got better

Yordles Teamfight Tactics

The final change of this hotfix patch is a small buff to the Yordle trait. Yordles, because of their small size, gain a chance to dodge attacks at three and six Yordles in one team comp. While the effect is largely underused so far, that might change in the upcoming days. At three Yordles, the set effect has been improved from 20 percent chance to dodge to 25 percent to dodge. And at six-or-more Yordles, the effect is now 60 percent rather than the 50 percent it was before.

For all previous changes that have happened to Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games have set up a page on the forum. For more of Teamfight Tactics, take a look at our newest guide that examines the Wild, Dragons, and Shapeshifter build.

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