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Let’s face it. In Teamfight Tactics, Luden’s Echo sucks. It’s bugged, does no damage, and is frankly a waste of items. Or so we thought. Thanks to math-savvy Reddit user rrZEpiphany (whom we will refer to as Epiphany from here on), a new hope shines for this once overlooked item. Epiphany managed to use the damage formulas in the game to not only figure out what is wrong with Luden’s Echo, but also find a way to abuse it.

The math (Spoiler alert: there are formulas involved)

The basic damage formula in Teamfight Tactics is as follows: Base Dmg x (1+ (AP/100)) x (100/(100+MR)). Luden’s Echo states that it does 200 in splash damage. If the item were working as intended, it should actually deal 240 damage due to the 20 AP the item itself gives you. Well, we all know that it doesn’t hit nearly that hard. So if the base damage isn’t the 200 shown on the item, what is it?

After some testing, Epiphany discovered that the item was basing its damage off of the AP of the equipped champion instead. So if you plug in the standard 20 AP, 20 base damage, and 20 MR that every unit has, the item deals just 24 damage, which is what you are used to seeing.

Ludens echo calculations

Now this is where the fun really begins. Luden’s Echo scales off of the user’s AP, right? So why not just wildly boost your champion’s AP?

Epiphany’s answer to this is the six-Sorcerer combination buff, accompanied by two Rabadon’s Deathcaps. The base AP with all of this comes out as 200, which is then doubled due to the 100% AP increase of double Rabadon’s, bringing the grand total to a whopping 400 AP. Let’s plug that back into our formula and see what we get:

Ludens echo calculation with sorc buff

That’s right, a mind-boggling 1,666 damage. Still think Luden’s sucks?

Who can abuse Luden’s Echo?

Having a 1,666 damage one-shot is all well and good, but it’s no use unless you put it on the right champion. Whilst there are a plethora of champs this could be used on, there are very few that can abuse it to its full extent. So let’s dive into the best abusers of this newly discovered Luden’s One-Shot strategy.


Epiphany’s personal pick of Luden’s Echo abusers, Akali has a lot going for her that allows her to abuse the item better than anyone else. First off, Akali has the lowest mana pool in the game at 25, meaning she is capable of getting off her ability quickly and proc Luden’s incredibly fast, multiple times over (although the one proc is probably all you need). On top of this, Akali is an Assassin, which means she will dive the backline as soon as the round begins, making it easy to deal with pesky back-liners, such as Vayne or Tristana, swiftly.


Lucian is on here for the exact same reason that Akali is, his mana pool. He has a slightly higher mana cost at 35. However, he makes up for it by having an ability that not only allows him to proc Luden’s, but it also allows him to get out of harm’s way. This makes him an incredibly safe pick, and while you may see slower kill times than on an Akali, you will definitely be able to survive sticky situations and proc Luden’s multiple times.


Unlike Akali and Lucian, Blitzcrank isn’t here due to his low mana pool, but rather due to the buff he gets from being a Robot. The Robot buff for those who don’t know means that Robots start combat at full mana. This means that as soon as the round begins, Blitzcrank can pull an enemy backliner and blow them and their frontline friends up with the Luden’s proc. Definitely not one to be overlooked.


That’s the lowdown on how to abuse Luden’s Echo. To end, above is a video of Scarra using the strat himself to absolutely demolish his opponent!

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