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Teamfight Tactics released its first major patch earlier today, July 1. The update features many changes to several champions. This update also brought in the beta event pass. The beta event pass is free for everyone and includes weekly missions and rewards.

Teamfight Tactics champion buffs

Elise’s mana cost drops from 100 to 75. This is the difference of one to two attacks, which makes her much more on par with the strength of the other transformation champions.

Kennen’s attack damage is increased from 60 to 70 and attack speed from .60 to .65 attacks per second.

Next up is another one of your favorite Yordles, Poppy. Poppy was one of the weakest tier 3 units — until now. Health is jumping from 750 to 800. Mana cost for her ability is dropping from 100 to 75.

Varus received a small buff that should help him find his place in tier 3. Varus’ mana cost for Piercing Arrow has decreased from 100 to 75. Related to this, the Demon trait and chance to burn also saw a slight buff.

Veigar is the wild card of this patch, seeing a 100 increase in the maximum damage of his ability, as well as a 15 reduction of mana cost. Combining this with the increased rarity of three-cost champions might make Veigar a strong contender for Sorcerer team comps in Teamfight Tactics.

Lastly, Volibear has gained an extra .05 attacks per second.

Tier 5 champion buffs

The real surprises of this patch are the changes to two of the tier 5 champions. Miss Fortune, by far the least played tier 5, will see her mana cost reduced by 25. This is a massive improvement to the champion, although we still believe her to be subpar compared to hard-hitters like Yasuo and Swain.

Another forgotten Tier 5 is Karthus. Karthus has received a small buff on his own this patch, going from 100 mana cost to 85 on his ability. While this is unlikely to be meta-defining, it is a great improvement for those moments you end up with a level 2 Karthus in the late game.

Teamfight Tactics champion rarity

Teamfight Tactics Champion Droprates
A comparison of old champion drop rates (left) versus new drop rates (right) in Teamfight Tactics.

The biggest game-impacting change of this patch come from the changes in champion rarity. It will now be possible to roll a tier 3 champion when you finish up the neutral camps. This will really shake up the meta as a tier 3 champion at that point will likely decide who will win the round. Hopefully, this means we will see a reduction in the Vayne/Fiora/Garen teams everywhere at level 3.

Additionally, it will be more likely to reach several rank 3 champions at the later stages of the game. While it is only a difference of a few percent, it will be noticeably easier to achieve, both for you and opponents.

The beta pass

While there isn’t a lot to know yet about the beta pass, it’s a great introduction for many into the new game. As the main aspects of the beta pass don’t work yet due to the high server load, here is what we do know: The beta pass will introduce weekly missions, which you can complete three at a time. These missions will allow you to claim rewards, which thus far include alternate avatars (and corresponding loading screen images) and playing field backgrounds. Other rewards you will be able to get are several beta icons and mystery emotes to use in Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends.

Starting tomorrow you will also be able to claim a daily reward, The Orb of Enlightenment, for playing five games of Teamfight Tactics per day. This daily reward is comparable to the first win of the day that League of Legends has.

If you want to give Teamfight Tactics a shot yourself, you can download the game now on the League of Legends website. For more of Teamfight Tactics, make sure to check back soon at Daily Esports!

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