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Homeless man found digging through trash



TL superteam a fluke?

Dear fellow readers i am struggling to understand this i feel this charade that DL is using of trying new things is fluke.I mean they where destroyed last nigth by tsm again this time even more savage is ,it maybe that this team has too many egos on it making uncharacteristic mistakes i mean we all know tl top side is weekest point but i mean tsm was winning bot as well.please give me so insigth into this because i think that tl underestimated the othet teams and these teams have caugth up



What if GG beats TL on next match of LCS?!

Okay, Golden Guardians managed to bag two wins this week after starting with 0-4. Their next match is against Team Liquid. And TL being fan favourite and sitting top of the table will most definitely bag that match. Now, if somehow GG manages to beat TL in that match, I guess it will be one of the biggest upsets in LCS/NALCS history. 😁 I am so hyped that I can hardly wait for that match.