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As the roster change season has officially come to an end for the LPL, the final roster change announcements are rolling in. We now have news from team World Elite (WE), China’s first esports club, surrounding their three newly signed players.

A new mid laner for WE

The first new player signed for the WE roster is none other than Bae “Plex” Ho-young, the former mid laner of Li-Ning Gaming (LNG). At only 17 years old, Plex started his pro career as a trainee under the Korean team Griffin. After a short time there, he managed to be signed as the starting mid laner for team LNG. He competed with them for the summer split of the 2019 LPL. Plex is only just starting out his career and is expected to accomplish great things in his upcoming years in the LPL.

More development league signings

The LPL teams continue to gather more talent on their rosters. Chen “Yimeng” Ming-Yong, the former mid laner for the development league team of Edward Gaming, has signed with WE as a substitute player. Yimeng still has a long way to go before he plays on the LPL stage, but this signing means the staff of WE believe he is worth the investment.

The next top lane talent

Park “Morgan” Gi-tae might be the most promising new top lane talent in China. While very little is known about Morgan in the west, he is already considered one of the best top laners of the development league. People first took notice of him back in April of 2019. Back then, Morgan managed to reach the top of the Korean Soloq ladder playing the top lane role. Coach and caster Nick “LS” De Cesare shared his opinion on the young talent earlier this year, predicting Morgan’s future success.

After a brief period as a substitute player for Jingdong Gaming (JDG), he has now signed with WE. It has not been confirmed yet whether Morgan will become the starter. It’s possible WE’s 2019 season top laner, Kim “Poss” Min-cheol, will remain as the starter on the team.

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