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Over the last few years, the global Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community watched some of their favorite players transition to competing in VALORANT. But while Riot’s FPS continues to attract CS:GO players, Team Vitality’s Dan “apEX” Madesclaire said switching to a new game doesn’t guarantee the success some players think it will.

“There is no way they would have been pro in CS:GO, and no way they would have been in the top 20,” apEX said at an IEM Winter 2021 press conference. “[Lower tier players] think going to another game will help them get to the top, but that’s not how it works. I can see the same people not going into the top 20 in the world under VALORANT.”

ApEX also stated that the most important thing players can do is to “follow your heart and what you like.” He said that, for him, “CS is the most important overall … CS has existed [for] more than 20 years, so people need to realize it’s the best game.”

CS:GO players return from VALORANT

While many CS:GO players have found a home in VALORANT, several are making their return to CS:GO. Since the release of 100 Thieves VALORANT Coach Hector “FrosT” Rosario, former CS:GO star Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella’s fate remains undecided. Sources close to Upcomer revealed that the player is considering returning to CS:GO. Furthermore, sources say nitr0 could potentially return to Team Liquid.

As of Dec. 7, 100 Thieves officially released nitr0. Since then, and over the last several weeks, the player has been seen streaming CS:GO on Twitch and pugging with other professional players.

Also, legendary French CS:GO player Kenny “kennyS” Schrub recently announced that he is fully recommitting competitive CS:GO after a brief stint in VALORANT.

“I tried VALORANT and this game is good, fun and refreshing,” the AWPer said, “but the truth is that I couldn’t take the plunge and project myself. And, as soon as the major started, I was reminded why I loved playing CS so much.”

To those making the return to CS:GO from VALORANT, Richard “shox” Papillon warned that players “need to be realistic with themselves.” At the IEM Winter 2021 press conference, he stressed that when former professionals leave the competitive scene, “the game still develops and the players still develop.” Shox said that if returning players realize their absence has put them steps behind their competitors and they work toward returning to their previous form, a return is doable. If they don’t, it may be a different story.

“If they are just coming back, and say ‘OK, I was good’ and just launch CS and think it’s gonna be the same as two years ago, it’s not going to work,” shox said.

Next on the plate for shox, apEX and Team Vitality is the best-of-three against Virtus.pro at the IEM Winter 2021 semifinals on Saturday.

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