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Team Spirit have claimed another title into their growing trophy case, a tournament victory over PSG.LGD in the grand finals of the Arlington Major 2022. The win at the Dota Pro Circuit’s (DPC) third Major of the year gives fans a preview for The International 11, where these two teams might very well meet again for a repeat of the International grand finals.

Team Spirit beat PSG.LGD to win the Arlington Major

Team Spirit got their revenge on PSG.LGD for their Riyadh Masters 2022 loss in the third Major of the year. These two teams came in as the undisputed strongest teams in the tournament. PSG.LGD topped their group, while Team Spirit came in second. In the playoff bracket, PSG.LGD sent Team Spirit into the lower bracket in the winner finals, but the Eastern European representatives were able to get their revenge in the grand finals after defeating Team Aster in a 2-0 sweep. this meeting between Team Spirit and PSG.LGD was the third battle between these two juggernauts, with Spirit now leading the set count.

Despite Spirit winning the series, PSG.LGD did not make it easy on them. In the second game of the series, fans were treated to one of the best games of the season. Team Spirit and PSG.LGD duked it out for 75 minutes, culminating in an Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk rampage on Monkey King as both teams fought in the Roshan pit.

Team Spirit also showed their versatility in terms of hero picks during the finals. In all four games, Spirit only repeat-picked a hero once in Tiny, one of the most popular picks in the entire tournament. Otherwise, they were able to come up with completely different drafts each time, truly showing their range of dominance against one of the best Dota teams in the world. Fans were treated to the likes of Queen of Pain, Shadow Demon and Axe; all heroes that were barely picked the entire tournament.

With the Arlington Major now concluded, fans can now focus their attention on the International 11. 18 of the best Dota teams in the world will gather in Singapore to fight for the Aegis of Champions, Dota’s highest honor. With how Team Spirit and PSG.LGD have been playing this year, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see these two teams in the finals again one again.

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