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Earlier today, Team Secret announced that Yazied ‘YapzOr’ Jaradat will be taking an indefinite break from competition due to health complications. Replacing YapzOr is Bakyt “Zayac” Emilzhanov, who used to play for Virtus.Pro and HellRaisers.

Team Secret’s season had already been difficult enough as is, the team is in the bottom 2 of the Dota Pro Circuit Western Europe upper-division. With the threat of relegation next season, the universe has hit the team with another haymaker; YapzOr will be taking an indefinite break from competition due to health complications. YapzOr has been one of the bedrocks of Team Secret since he joined the team in early 2017. He was a part of Team Secret’s 2020 iteration, one of the most successful teams that Dota has ever seen; the roster racked up eight tournament wins in a row during the regular season. From that point forward, YapzOr continued to show his importance to the team; they finished third in The International 10, just barely losing to PSG.LGD. Fans and players alike will miss the legendary Rubick player as he takes an extended break from the game, and Dota esports will be worse off for it.

Team Secret replaces YapzOr for Zayac

YapzOr’s replacement will be Zayac, a relatively unknown quantity who got his break in 2o2o playing for Virtus.Pro. Best known for his Techies play, he was on HYDRA, an Eastern European lower division team before being recruited onto Team Secret. There is currently no information on when YapzOr will return, or if Zayac will take a more permanent position with the team.

What most fans and analysts do know, is that Team Secret will have an even tougher road ahead of them. Since their International 1o run, Team Secret has struggled to capture the old magic; currently tied with two other teams, Team Secret was initially expected to perform at the highest level in the division. Team Secret avoiding relegation wouldn’t be a surprise, but even that wouldn’t change the disappointing season they’ve had so far.