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VALORANT Champions Tour Masters 2: Reykjavík has seen several ups and downs from different teams. Team Liquid kept composed in their matchup against KRÜ Esports to remain in the tournament. Team Liquid’s smoke player Travis “L1NK” Mendoza talked about how the team all pitches in to keep calm when games get close. In their match against KRÜ Esports, Team Liquid had to maintain composure to close out the win and avoid a game three. 

“Everyone’s communication is really key,” explained L1NK. “That is one of the big things when we don’t have an IGL (in-game leader). Everyone needs to be chipping in and giving out solutions rather than just that one big brain that is meant to sort it all out. Everyone is working 20% each.”

L1NK’s teammate Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom announced that the team did not need an IGL during the Masters 2 press conference before the matches. After an uncharacteristic loss to Version1 in the upper bracket, some people were questioning whether the lack of leadership hindered them. L1NK set things straight by explaining what each member of the team needs to do in order to make things work. 

Team Liquid’s 2-0 win over KRÜ Esports moves them in the lower bracket to face off against Team Vikings. That match will determine which team moves on to face either NUTURN Gaming or Sentinels in the lower bracket final. 

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