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Team Liquid’s League of Legends team has achieved stellar results. That includes first-place finishes during the 2018 NA LCS Spring and Summer Playoffs. Most recently, the team achieved a first-place finish at the 2019 LCS Spring Split. This also led to a 2nd place ending at the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational. However, even with all that success, Team Liquid’s LCS Academy team is now looking for a new head coach.

Academy head coach position

“We are searching for a talented head coach for our Academy team who can help our players grow in and out of the game,” writes the Team Liquid Academy head coach advertisement. “Our Head Coach will be working at the [Alienware Training Facility] with some of the most decorated LCS staff and players, and of course, they get to eat Chef Manny’s food.”

The Team Liquid LCS Academy Head Coach job advertisement then proceeds to list some of the requirements and tasks. The coach should be able to manage a scrimmage schedule for the team and supervise scrims. He/she should also be able to evaluate and provide reports on players performance, strategies, and drafts. With the new LCS Scouting Grounds format, the coach will also assist the owner and general manager in taking part. This includes the recruitment, training, and selection of players for LCS team and Academy teams. The head coach should also assist the Team Liquid analyst team with creating scouting reports on Academy opponents. This would consist of regional strategies and pick/ban metas, to apply the knowledge toward the team’s in-game strategy.

Other tasks required of the Academy head coach are standard in competitive esports. This ranges from understanding athletic rules and regulations to monitoring the overall health and condition of players. In terms of requirements, the coach should have excellent communication skills in verbal and written English. Team Liquid’s current Academy roster does not have any import players. Still, the topic of having comprehensive knowledge in League of Legends should be a given for a head coach position anyways. The coach must also have 1+ years of coaching experience within esports in a similar position or higher. Finally, a high Solo Queue rating of Diamond or higher is a bonus.

Team Liquid Academy’s results

Team Liquid’s Academy team has obtained first and second place finishes during the 2018 splits. However, they did not manage to achieve the same results during the 2018 Spring and Summer Playoffs. Unfortunately, Team Liquid Academy also ended the 2019 Spring Split in 3rd place. This was while being tied with four other teams which included 100 Thieves Academy, CLG Academy, and Echo Fox Academy. So far in the 2019 North American Academy Summer Split, the team is tied for second. They have 3 wins and 1 loss.

Interested parties can apply for this position by emailing [email protected] with their resume and qualifications. No distinct instructions were given, but normally a cover letter should be included as well. The title of the email should be something around “LCS Academy Head Coach Application”.

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