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Team Liquid face a potential 0-2 Week 3 in NA LCS

Bjergsen on Sunday's match against CLG: 'I think it's gonna be a bloodbath of a game'

After suffering a loss to 100 Thieves, Team Liquid is looking down the barrel of an 0-2 weekend during Week 3 of the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

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TL can’t seem to overcome 100T, who they also lost to in the recent Spring playoffs.

“100 Thieves is just getting the best of us in later stages of team fights and objective play,” Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg said in a post-game interview.

The game started with the two teams sizing each other up; TL prioritized dragon control, while 100T continued to farm and look for Rift Heralds. With neither team wanting to make the first mistake, it took 25 minutes for First Blood.

The tides turned in the favor of 100T after a dragon steal and a Baron secure. From that point, everything went their way.

“We didn’t really have a lot of tools to be proactive and I think we were struggling with that,” Bjergsen said. “It’s not necessarily a draft issue, but we didn’t really play our draft well.”

Bjergsen said that the team’s early dragons lost some impact when it was revealed to be a Cloud soul, “which is kind of a sh*tty dragon,” he said. It wasn’t the team’s intent to play the match so slowly, but they struggled to find openings.

“I think usually if there’s a 0-0 game at like 20 minutes, one of the teams has done something wrong,” he said. “Today, that was us.”

Even Bjergsen’s lane was passive. A lot of criticism has been directed around the gameplay of 100T’s Mid, Felix “Abbedagge” Braun, during the 100T’s slow start. Bjergsen said he didn’t have the chance to gauge Abbedagge’s level because of the Corki vs. Orianna matchup.

“It’s a completely skill-less matchup,” Bjergsen said. “It’s not gonna be much different even if I’m playing against a Diamond player. [Abbedagge] didn’t do terribly, but he didn’t do exceptionally well.”

A difficult Week 3 for Liquid

On Sunday, TL play Counter Logic Gaming, who sit near the top of the standings. Few expected to count CLG among the top teams in NA at the start of the Summer split, but the team has earned a new respect from their competitors.

“Watching CLG has been fun,” Bjergsen said. “I think [Juan Arturo “Contractz” Garcia] has been playing much better this split than last split. I felt like he was a big weakness on the team, but now he’s been performing very well.”

Bjergsen echoed the sentiments of the NA LCS fans when he expressed his desire for a scrappy game with CLG tomorrow. It’s not likely that the two teams will be death-less at 20 minutes based on CLG’s recent play style. As to whether Team Liquid can win the game and avoid the 0-2 Week 3?

“A lot of it will depend on which TL is showing up and that we really figure out why we can’t be more consistent,” Bjergsen said. “I think it’s gonna be a bloodbath of a game.”

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