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Ever since signing Stewie2k back in December of 2018, Team Liquid has been trying to be the best team in the world in the Counter-Strike scene. Team Liquid became number one for a short time period in July 2019, but since then, they lost multiple times to smaller and lower ranked teams. Along with that, they have not won against the core roster of Astralis, who were the most dominant team of 2019 winning both majors, since ESL Pro League Season 9 back in June of last year. Since then, Team Liquid has tried multiple times to change roles in the team to try to increase their chances of winning. Nitr0 went from being the in-game leader and primary AWPer to just a rifler on the team while Stewie2k took over the role of IGL.

However, the team went from number one to even dropping out of the HLTV top 10 in the June 22nd rankings. So, Grim was signed in place of nitr0, ending nitr0’s five years on the team. In Grim’s first game with Team Liquid vs Ze Pug Godz he dropped 51 kills across two maps with a rating of 1.72. He out-fragged every other player on the server with the next player, Elige, on the leaderboard having 36 kills. Team Liquid decided this change, however, was not enough to reach their goal.

Team Liquid roster changes include a new coach

Moses, a former player and commentator, replaced Adrian as coach of the CS:GO roster. adreN, who started as a coach back when Stewie joined, has been the coach of the roster for the past two years and even played under the team back in 2015. Moses formerly played for United5 in 2014 and after, became a caster and analyst from 2015 all the way to 2020.  Hopefully, these major changes help Team Liquid accomplish their goals of being number 1 and finally winning a major after coming so close in the past.

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