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Over a week after the conclusion of this year’s DreamHack Masters Dallas, another controversy erupted surrounding it. Watching the winners’ award ceremony, nothing seemed odd as the Team Liquid players picked up their deserved trophies. Apart from the plaques, each player got a large ring, resembling those awarded to NBA champions. However, the rings weren’t intended to be given out in the first place at all. UPS, the American logistics company, lost the trophy in transit and couldn’t find it in time. DreamHack had to find a quick solution, exchanging the trophy for the rings.

The presentation was met with a lot of community backlash later, as fans of the event weren’t holding themselves back on the trolling. Even more, DreamHack joined the trolling themselves by making a comical Tweet. In it, they asked their rivals ELS if they could connect them with DHL for their next valuable goods shipment. It is currently unknown if the trophy has been found, but at this point, it doesn’t really matter anymore. Aside from the plaques and rings, the Liquid organization also earned a hefty $100,000 financial award.

Team Liquid’s triumph at DreamHack Dallas

However, Team Liquid probably doesn’t care that much about the trophy, as this DreamHack victory means much more for them. They have proven their victory at IEM Sydney wasn’t just a one-time thing and solidified themselves as one of the current top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams.

To get here, they had to fight through two reasonably tough brackets. In Group A, they beat Lucid Dream and North in a commanding fashion. In the third round of the bracket, they only nearly won against FaZe in a close three map series. As the winners of Group A, they qualified directly to the semifinals of the playoffs. There, they swept FURIA Esports to qualify for the DreamHack Grand Final. Team Liquid fought hard against the Finnish fiends of ENCE eSports, and it paid off.

Unfortunately for UPS, this only adds to their bad track record as a logistics company. It’s also another blow for American shipment companies, especially after the recent Huawei and FedEx drama. Who knows, maybe organizations will have to start using European shipment companies like DHL. According to the Tweet, DreamHack seems to already be looking for a UPS replacement.

Do you think the DreamHack Masters Dallas trophy will ever be found? Let us know in the comments below!

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