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On December 3, Valve dropped the latest Team Fortress 2 (TF2) game update. This time around, the TF2 team gets into the holiday spirit by releasing the annual Smissmass holiday event. According to the official blog post, the Smissmass drops four new community-made maps, 20 new cosmetics, a new winter case, and more.  Players who play TF2 during the event will be rewarded with a special “Stuffed Stocking” as a gift.

The Smissmass 2020 update is one of the earliest and largest winter holiday updates. This year’s update is particularly exciting because it’s the first time Valve has released winter-themed maps during Smissmass. Between this year’s successful Scream Fortress Halloween event and the major Smissmass update, TF2 fans are looking forward to the idea that additional seasonal events are in the works. For now, players can hop into the servers anytime between December 3 and January 7 to celebrate the holidays with their favorite mercenaries.

TF2 Smissmass 2020 event update

Snowfall TF2
Steam workshop image of TF2‘s winter wonderland, Snowfall.
  • 4 new community maps
    • Pier
    • Snowfall
    • SnowVille
    • Wutville
  • Winter 2020 Cosmetic Case
    • 20 new community-contributed items
    • Opportunity to receive the Festivizer as a bonus drop when opening a case
    • All cosmetic and taunt cases will contain Smissmass 2020 Unusual effects instead of regular effects
  • 8 new community-contributed taunts
    • The Pooped Deck
    • Time Out Therapy
    • Rocket Jockey
    • The Boston Boarder
    • Scorcher’s Solo
    • Texas Truckin’
    • Spin-to-Win
    • The Fist Bump
  • 19 new community-contributed Unusual effects
    • 12 new hat effects
    • 7 new taunt effects
  • Winter 2020 War Paint Case
    • 13 new community-developed War Paints
    • Opportunity to receive a taunt Unusualifier as a bonus item

General bug fixes

  • Fixed a console exploit allowing players to reset the Man vs. Machine (MvM) timer
  • Updated or added tournament medals
  • Updated materials for Spy and general uses

Will you be playing this year’s Smissmass event? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Team Fortress 2 news.

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