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The early access streams for Valorant have ended, meaning the closed beta is the next major milestone for the game. We learned a ton of new information about Riot Games’ new FPS thanks to the hundreds of videos and streams. However, one piece of intel was shared by an industry insider that has the community even more excited. Unlike other new titles, Valorant will arrive with a competitive playlist at launch, and we have the Rank emblems and names to go along with this playlist.

What are the Ranks coming to Valorant?

If Riot is known for one thing, it’s making a competitive, yet fun, video game. With League of Legends, competitive play is always at the forefront of the developer’s decisions. This mindset appears to be transferring over to Valorant with the latest revelation.

Thanks to an insider for ESPN, we have our first look at the ranking system that will be in Valorant. We also have confirmation from a developer that a Ranked playlist will be available to play during the closed beta. This is most likely so Riot Games can work out the issues with the system before it launches during the summer. Below, you can look at the Rank emblems for this playlist.

Valorant competitive ranks
Image via @FionnOnFire on Twitter

The system looks similar to that of League of Legends in terms of design. It seems Valorant has seven total ranks. First comes Mercenary, followed by Soldier, Veteran, Hero, Legend, Mythic, and Immortal. Presumably, you’ll start off in Mercenary III and work your way up to Mercenary I, then Soldier III to Soldier I, and so on.

While the system looks similar to League, it will act differently according to ESPN’s @FionnOnFire. Valorant will reportedly take into account your personal performance in a given competitive game, meaning your team’s win or loss isn’t the only determining factor. Fans of Apex Legends will recognize this system well. Hopefully, Riot Games can have this feature ready by launch.

Which rank do you think you’ll end up in? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Valorant news.

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