T1 shock League of Legends fans with Poppy Jungle pick at Worlds 2021
T1 Worlds 2021 quarterfinal
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T1 shock League of Legends fans with Poppy Jungle pick at Worlds 2021

T1 play first Poppy Jungle of Worlds 2021
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With a 1-1 scoreline at Worlds 2021, T1 came into their game against 100 Thieves on Wednesday with a surprise Poppy Jungle Pick. With 100 Thieves on the blue side, they picked the Lucian while T1 prioritized Aphelios, Twisted Fate option. Even though 100 Thieves left the Olaf opened, T1 decided to bring out Poppy into the jungle.

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This pick in Jungle is a surprise to many given that it is not something that we had seen at Worlds so far. Before now,  PEACE top laner, Kiss “Vizicsacsi”  Tamás and DFM’s Shunsuke “Evi” Murase had picked Poppy. In fact, almost all competitive games Poppy has been used in 2021 were on the top lane.

While many do not favor Poppy in the jungle, her flexibility counter and disengage tools are very useful in team fights.

Expert opinion on T1’s Poppy Jungle Pick

Even though the Poppy pick surprised a lot of people, LCS Academy and audio broadcast caster, Matt “Cubby” Samuelson explained how the pick fitted T1.

In isolation, Poppy isn’t something anyone expects to be common but in this scenario, I think it was pretty good,” he said. “Poppy fits the identity of T1’s composition which is to protect the Aphelios. It also gave them a lot of power for the last phase of draft as Poppy could be put in the top lane or the jungle, the two roles that 100 had yet to select. And, Poppy is already good into the champs that 100 were showing, as LeBlanc and Lucian are both champs that Poppy can threaten with her Steadfast Presence.”

Internet’s Reaction to the Jungle pick

Several figures in the League of Legends community reacted to the Poppy Jungle pick online.

“It’s the Poppy jungle and I find it kinda hilarious that I was just today talking to Spirit at LoLPark and now one of his signature picks comes out,” tweeted Max “Atlustv” Anderson.

The Astralis account added a meme to the conversation.

“Essentially all melee/hard engage into poppy/kennen/aphelios+aphelios has an enchanter, wonderful draft by North America yet again #Worlds2021,” tweeted Nick “LS” De Cesare.


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