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T1 have announced a new esports academy program held in Seoul on Thursday, T1 Esports Academy, which begins teaching applicants in September.

The academy will host two types on training programs: a path to pro course for players that want to train to become professional players and a path to improvement course for more casual players. The program will launch just for League of Legends but will open up to more games in the future, according to reports.

T1 esports academy
T1 facilities in Seoul. | Provided by T1

Former T1 professional players Kim “Sky” Ha-neul and Park “Untara” Eui-jin are also attached to the project to coach and teach players for their specific roles. Sky will coach for mid lane players and Untara for top laners.

T1 Esports Academy specifics

The current iteration of the training programs will only be available for in-person instruction and applications are currently open for prospective students. The path to pro program is a five-month training program with an evaluation period followed by three phases. The phases allows students to divide their LoL education into monthly chunks. The evaluation phase is four weeks long, followed by the second phase at eight weeks. The thirds phase is six weeks and the program will conclude with a final evaluation over two weeks. That evaluation will give the players an opportunity to try out for T1 Rookies, the organization’s semi-professional team.

No information about the path to improvement course is currently available, however.

This is not the first physical esports academy set up for potential professionals. Many esports organizations run game specific summer camps for kids to test their skills and learn new game concepts. British-based esports organization Guild Esports launched their own academy programs recently, with titles like Fortnite, VALORANT and Rocket League available for children over 11-years-old. While these programs are not as extensive, nor do they provide as clear a path to the organization’s professional team, they do offer similar services for their local audience.

Prices for the two programs have yet to be released at the time of publication.