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The Nerd St. Gamers x Renegades Valorant Invitational starts tomorrow, October 17, but invitations are still going out. Today, the Renegades organization confirmed that they sent an invitation to T1’s Valorant team.

Other confirmed participants include the Immortals, Cloud9, FaZe Clan, Luminosity Gaming, Rise, Gen.G Esports, Equinox Esports, Complexity Gaming, and Mambo Mode Gaming. Twitter users currently speculate that TSM will be the last team to join. If you were hoping to see the Sentinels or NRG, they unfortunately already declined invitations.

These won’t be the only groups participating. Spacestation Gaming, beastcoast, Moon Raccoons, and Andbox all qualified to compete in the invitational. All four of these teams consist of a mix of North American players across the U.S. and Canada.

Tournament structure

The invitational will start with four group stages of four teams each. All of the group stage matches will be a best of one. Only the Winners’ and Decider Matches are best of three. The winners from the respective Winners’ Matches and Decider Matches will advance to the Quarterfinals. From the Quarterfinals on to the Grand Finals, all matches will be a best of three.

These sixteen teams are competing for a first-place prize of $6,000, followed by $3,000 for second place, and $1,000 for third. It may not seem like a lot to play for, but if nothing else, the NSG x Renegades Valorant Invitational is great practice for the upcoming Valorant First Strike tournament.

The invitational will start on Saturday, October 17 at 1 PM ET via Nerd St Gamers’ Twitch channel. Surely the Renegades will announce the 16th invited contender sometime today. It’s cutting it close, regardless. We’ll definitely be on the lookout to see which team it is. All signs are pointing to TSM, but in this crazy year, who knows who it will be in the end.

NSG x Renegades Valorant Invitational

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