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Mathias “Szygenda” Jensen will start in the top lane in Week 5 of the League of Legends European Championship for Team Vitality, the organization announced on July 7. He will replace Enzo “SLT” Gonzalez, who started for Vitality since signing with the organization in May of 2021.

SLT replaced Szygenda for the summer split after the Danish top laner competed for Vitality in their 10th place 2021 spring split run. SLT will take Szygenda’s place on their Academy team, Vitality.Bee. Szygenda has made improvements in and outside of the game and has followed the team’s outline to returning to the starting squad.

The organization has yet to announce how long the change will be in place. Team Vitality plays Fnatic and SK Gaming in Week 5 of the LEC.

Szygenda’s statistics on Vitality.Bee, compared to SLT on Vitality

Vitality.Bee is currently second place in the La Ligue Française 2021 summer season. Their record is 7-2 and they are only behind 2021 European Masters summer winners Karmine Corp. The team’s only losses are to Karmine Corp and the Misfits Academy team, Misfits Premier.

For Vitality.Bee, Szygenda has played seven different champions ranging from Lulu and Sett. His two most played were to Gwen and Nocturn. He averages a lead in creep score and experience differential at 15 minutes in the LFL, according to Games of Legends. Szygenda mainly plays weak side for his team, only taking up an average of 21% of his team’s gold. The Dane currently averages a 5.1 Kill/Death/Assist ratio.

As for SLT, he piloted the same champions for the main team. While starting, he averaged down in gold, creep score and experience at 15 minutes into the game. Across Vitality’s nine games played, SLT notched a 1.7 KDA and participated in 51% of his team’s total kills.

Szygenda will return to Team Vitality’s starting lineup in the LEC on June 9 in their match against Fnatic. His first test back with the team will be laning against French rookie Adam “Adam” Maanane.