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Featuring a $150,000 prize pool, the SuperNova tournament in Malta kicked off today with a bang. With Team Liquid and HellRaisers advancing to the playoffs after finding success today, we are still yet to see who will join their ranks after tomorrow’s matchups. Below are summaries of the most exciting results of the day.

NRG slide past Kinguin after OT

The American NRG barely made it out alive after a surprising overtime took place on Train. Both teams found comfort while on their respective counter-terrorist sides. Following a close-enough half, it seemed like NRG would pull away after winning a pistol on t-side after side switch and getting the next two rounds, making it 12-6 for the American formation. Kinguin, however, finally found their drive and managed to put things back in place with effective retakes followed by bomb defuses. Unfortunately for the Polish side, Tsvetelin ‘CeRq’ Dimitrov was having a fantastic match and did not allow overtime to go Kinguin’s way. The match ended 19-16 with NRG taking the win. CeRq finished with 33 frags, closely followed by Karol “rallen” Rodowicz with 29 of his own. CeRq capitalized on his performance with an outstanding quad-kill with the AWP on the last round necessary to close out the match.


woxic shines as HellRaisers overcome TYLOO to make the playoffs

Özgür “woxic” Eker, HellRaisers’ star AWP player took the stage in a best-of-three matchup to secure the first playoff spot. On the first map, Dust2, the young Turk attained 25 frags in what initially seemed to be a tight match-up. The half ended with 8-7 in favor of HellRaisers with TYLOO looking like they were just getting warmed up. And so it seemed. The Chinese-Indonesian mix got the first three rounds including the pistol, but it all went downhill for them from then on. HellRaisers got to work on the first gun round they took. Abay “Hobbit” Khasenov and Issa “ISSAA” Murad lead the charge with woxic to make the ct-side a nightmare for TYLOO. The map finished 16-11 for HellRaisers and it seemed like they would continue their drive on the following map.

Map two brought us to Mirage where a blowout would emerge. Despite TYLOO kicking things off on the right foot with a 1v2 clutch from Ke “captainMo” Liu to deny the bomb defuse, HellRaisers would go on to steamroll their opponents. Everyone looked very comfortable on the CIS squad as the half went in their favor with an 11-4 score. Nothing changed after half switch. woxic would go on to kill three opponents on the second pistol round on t-side and slowly end TYLOO’s suffering. Adding to this, the young Turk continued to be a nuisance with the AWP. Ultimately, TYLOO only found one round before falling 16-5 to HellRaisers.

Team Liquid edge out NRG in a hectic derby

With the playoffs at stake, the best-of-three matchup went all the way, with Liquid being the better American side this time around.

The first map was NRG’s pick, Overpass. CeRq would continue his form from the previous matchup with a 3k on the ct-side on opening pistol round. NRG would snatch the first two rounds before Liquid got fired up and punched back with six rounds of their own. In turn, NRG would take the next five, in what must have been a frustrating scenario as they would defuse the bomb on four out of five of those rounds. The half ended at 8-7 for NRG. After half-time, NRG kicked things off the same way as previously, snatching the first two rounds before a response from Liquid. However, Team Liquid would only be able to find one round before NRG would string six rounds in a row to secure the map in what seemed like an unstoppable onslaught of terrorists. Despite Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken’s 21-kill performance, his teammates were looking jaded and lost on the first map of the series.

Fortunately for them, their own map pick, Inferno, would go much in their favor. We finally saw Twistzz joined by Keith “NAF” Markovic and Epitacio “TACO” de Melo pave the way to success. A much better-looking team compared to map one. Nevertheless, it was NRG that yet again would take the initial lead with a successful pistol round and a score of 7-1 before Liquid finally woke up on their t-side. The half finished 8-7 and it was looking like a close game this time around. However, TACO and co. got to work, finally grabbing a pistol round of their own and slowly digging their way to victory with a series of three round wins, broken by some attempts from the terrorists under NRG banners. CeRq’s and Ethan “nahtE” Arnold’s decent attempts to carry their team were not enough to prevail. Team Liquid snatched their own map pick with a score of 16-12.

twistzz was one of the reasons behind his team’s win tonight.

The decider brought us to Mirage where we finally saw the Team Liquid we have gotten accustomed to over the past year. This time, it seemed like they were not messing around. Liquid got both pistol rounds and barely left any room for NRG to perform whatsoever. While at half-time the score remained 11-4, Liquid would be fast about closing things off. NRG only got one round after half-time on their t-side while Liquid would take five to close out the match 16-5. NAF alongside Twistzz led the cavalry yet again with outstanding performances.

Below are the full results of matches from day one:

  • BIG 14-16 TYLOO (BO1)
  • NRG 19-16 Kinguin (BO1)
  • Gambit 9-16 HellRaisers (BO1)
  • Team Liquid 16-10 Virtus.pro (BO1)
  • HellRaisers 2-0 TYLOO (BO3)
  • Team Liquid 2-1 NRG (BO3)

And below are matchups of day two of SuperNova in Malta for playoff spots:

  • Virtus.pro vs Kinguin (BO3)
  • Gambit vs BIG (BO3)
  • NRG vs winner of Kinguin vs Virtus.pro (BO3)
  • TYLOO vs winner of BIG vs Gambit (BO3)

SuperNova, Malta takes place until December 2, with a final as well as a third-place decider match on the very same day.

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