Summit captures the LCS 2022 Spring MVP award
Summit LCS 2022 spring MVP Cloud9
Summit LCS 2022 spring MVP Cloud9 | Provided by Riot Games

Summit captures the LCS 2022 Spring MVP award

Summit captured the LCS MVP award in his first split in the league

In his first split in the League of Legends Championship Series, Cloud9’s Park “Summit” Woo-tae reached the top as he claimed the LCS 2022 Spring MVP award on Friday. The superstar top laner beat out C9 teammate Robert “Blaber” Huang and Team Liquid’s jungler Lucas “Santorin” Larsen for the award.

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Summit came over in the wild 2022 off-season for C9 after spending the last two years with League of Legends Champions Korea organization Liiv SANDBOX. Summit managed to grab a spot on the All-LCK third-team in the Summer 2021 split. The move prompted C9 to move their All-LCS top laner Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami into the mid lane. The move seemed to have worked out as Summit was voted as the best player in the LCS in the first half of 2022.

The stats speak for themselves. Summit was a suffocating force for the other top laners in the LCS, especially during the laning phase of each game. According to, Summit had an average gold lead at 10 minutes of 424. The next closest was Golden Guardians’ Eric “Licorice” Ritchie, who only had a GD10 of 275. Summit also led all top laners in Experience difference at 10 minutes with 348. Licorice was again the next closest at only 234. Summit clean swept the early game statistics by also posting the best Creep Score difference at 10 minutes among top laners with 12.7.

Summit also led all top laners in Kills, Kill Share percentage, Damage per minute, Damage share and many more stats. Simply put, he was the most impactful top laner in the league by a wide margin during the regular season. Many people forget that the award is based on regular-season performance.

The one area that Summit struggled in was deaths. For as impactful as he was when it came to dealing damage, he also took a lot of damage. Summit led all top laners in deaths and by association, team death percentage. In the playoffs, this continued as Cloud9 ultimately bowed out in fourth place. A disappointing performance for the team after coming into the season with high expectations. But even with the death problem, Summit and C9 have this award to help them generate momentum heading into the LCS 2022 summer split.

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