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We are past the halfway point in the split with LCS Week 6! The push for playoffs has begun, with mixed success for the teams. Some are hitting the ground running, while others are just face-planting. Let’s take a few minutes and assess how each team did in Week 6.

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Summer 2019 LCS Week 6 Cloud9

LCS Week 6 Record: 1-1 (8-4 Overall)

The Cloud9 games this week were choke-fests all around. In the first game, Cloud9 completely blew it against the last-place Echo Fox, a game they should have had with ease. Then they went down early to TSM, only to pull a win out of their ass and Kumo’s backpack. It wasn’t a pretty week by any means, but they escaped in second place.

Grade: C+

Losing to Echo Fox is a massive issue, but beating TSM still shows they can play from behind against top tier teams. It could have gone a lot worse, as they did pick up a win. They face the surging 100 Thieves and third-place CLG next week, making for a rough schedule ahead.

Counter Logic Gaming

LCS Week 6 Record: 0-2 (7-5 Overall)

I really need to stop believing in CLG. Every time I praise them, they completely crap the bed the following week. They were simply outclassed by Team Liquid, caving in a fairly well-contested but still one-sided game. CLG then choked harder than Joffrey against Golden Guardians. A seven thousand gold lead was thrown away, putting CLG down to third, tied with TSM.

Grade: F

Frankly, this was an embarrassing week for CLG. They could have established themselves as a legit contender, but they caved under pressure. CLG just can’t pull it with the big boys convincingly. For Week 7, they are set to face FlyQuest and Cloud9, making for a tough week.

Team Liquid

Summer 2019 LCS Week 6 Team Liquid

LCS Week 6 Record: 2-0 (9-3 Overall)

The boys are back in business with a solid sweep in Week 6. They won a hard-fought match against CLG, where they were the better macro-team at every step. Then they did the exact same thing to FlyQuest the next day, establishing their superior objective control. They are in a prime spot with playoffs looming.

Grade: A

They beat a top-three team and a rebounding mid tier team. That made for a solid week where they passed the pack to reclaim sole control of first place. They have an easier Week 7 against a pair of struggling teams, Golden Guardians and Clutch Gaming.

Team SoloMid

LCS Week 6 Record: 1-1 (7-5 Overall)

Wow. What a freaking choke job by TSM. They started the week well by demolishing Clutch Gaming, and then the Cloud9 game happened. They one-upped CLG and blew an eight thousand gold lead against their rival. From Zven ulting the wrong way to a Baron throw, everything went south for TSM.

Grade: C-

I consider this worse than C9’s week purely because they had it and blew it. Once again, Bjergsen and Zven not being clutch down the stretch came back to bite them. Golden Guardians and OpTic do not make for an easy Week 7 whatsoever, so TSM is on the block to win now.

OpTic Gaming

LCS Week 6 Record: 0-2 (6-6 Overall)

What a piss-poor week for the Greenwall. The first game? Yet another throw, this one against the resurgent 100 Thieves. The second game? A blow-out loss against Clutch Gaming. They didn’t look like a playoff team at all this week and are now in danger of falling out of the top six.

Grade: F

I mean, what else can I give them? Their Week 6 was a colossal failure on every level, with Arrow and Big in particular reverting hard. Another week like this could be a death knell for a team on the brink like OpTic. They are fortunate in that they play Echo Fox and TSM in Week 7, one team on the bottom and the other who they have already beaten.

Golden Guardians

Summer 2019 LCS Week 6 GGS

LCS Week 6 Record: 1-1 (6-6 Overall)

What a roller coaster of a week for Golden Guardians. They were clowned by FlyQuest to start the week, which is worse in context of playoffs and FlyQuest’s record. After that they went down by seven thousand gold to CLG, only to pull back and overwhelm the number three team. They sit in a similar spot to OpTic, in danger of losing their playoff spot.

Grade: C

They never should have been in the CLG game to begin with — there, I said it. Their fast early start has sputtered and stalled at the mid point, which is never something you want to see for a team with this much talent. The team has even traded Deftly, leaving Contractz as the last of the original five. Unfortunately for them, Week 7 is a nightmare: TSM and Team Liquid back to back.

Clutch Gaming

LCS Week 6 Record: 1-1 (5-7 Overall)

Clutch just cannot stay consistent. They are just outside of playoff range and can take wins off of lower-level playoff teams. This was apparent against OpTic. However, they are still no match for the top tier. This was evident against TSM. I feel like a broken record at this point regarding Clutch.

Grade: C+

They lost to one playoff team, but then beat the snot out of another team in the race. Clutch has talent, but something is blocking them from their full potential, and I cannot figure out what it is. They face the two extremes in Week 7, with first-place Team Liquid and last-place Echo Fox on the menu.


LCS Week 6 Record: 1-1 (4-8 Overall)

While nothing is set in stone, it would take a miracle for FlyQuest to make playoffs at this point. The loss to Team Liquid put them at the dreaded eight losses, which is usually an insurmountable number when acquired before Week 8. A victory over GGS helps, but in the past, the place where FQ sits hasn’t fared well for teams.

Grade: B-

They beat one potential playoff team but were convincingly beaten down by Liquid. I really want this team to succeed, but the stars would have to move in the sky for that to happen. CLG and the surging 100 Thieves make for tough opponents in Week 7.

100 Thieves

Summer 2019 LCS Week 6 100T

LCS Week 6 Record: 2-0 (5-7 Overall)

What the hell is going on? 100 Thieves are now four of six in the past three weeks, and they can realistically make playoffs. They have only lost to TSM and TL over that period, and they even swept the likes of OpTic and Echo Fox this week. This team can actually make a strong playoff push, but time is short.

Grade: A-

They had to come back against OpTic, else this would have been higher. Cloud9 and FlyQuest make for a difficult Week 7, but weirder things have happened. I think this team has potential, and a 2-0 would cement them as a playoff wildcard contender.

Echo Fox

LCS Week 6 Record: 1-1 (3-9 Overall)

Well, that was certainly surprising. No one expected Echo Fox to even hang with Cloud9, but they beat the black and blue outright. They played the map far better than Cloud9, which makes you wonder how Echo Fox got blown out by 100 Thieves. With nine losses, Echo Fox are practically eliminated from playoff contention.

Grade: C

The win against Cloud9 gets them points, but it doesn’t change that this is a failed split with the ninth loss. Echo Fox can only hope they play better in the gauntlet than Clutch, if they get there. Feels bad for Echo Fox that a pair of angry teams, OpTic and Clutch, are out for blood in Week 7.

Power Rankings after Week 6:

  1. Team Liquid (9-3) +2
  2. Cloud9 (8-4) -1
  3. CLG (7-5) -1
  4. TSM (7-5)
  5. OpTic Gaming (6-6)
  6. Golden Guardians (6-6)
  7. 100 Thieves (5-7) +2
  8. Clutch Gaming (5-7) -1
  9. FlyQuest (4-8) -1
  10. Echo Fox (2-8)

There’s really nothing to justify here. Check back after Week 7 for more grades and rankings on the LCS!

Images taken by Timothy Norris/Riot Games