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LCS Week 3 has come to an end, so let’s take a look at how each of the teams did. While we are at it, let’s grade them!

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LCS Week 3
Shades of Spring

LCS Week 3 Record: 1-1 (4-2 Overall)

Cloud9 had the highest of highs and lowest of lows in LCS Week 3. They became the first team to defeat OpTic by dictating the top half of the map. Against TSM, they faltered by conceding most of the map in the mid game after a botched Herald fight. They weren’t able to take control of the game again from there.

Grade: B-

The TSM game admittedly wasn’t as much C9 playing poorly as much as it was them being hesitant. Cloud9 have the capability to play fast and hard like against OpTic, and they need it against the top of the table. CLG and 100T are their Week 4 opponents, one tied for first and one tied for last. A 2-0 week would be pivotal before Rift Rivals.

Golden Guardians

Glass half empty.

LCS Week 3 Record: 1-1 (4-2 Overall)

Golden Guardians looked sloppy in LCS Week 3. They won the draft in the 100 Thieves game and retained control of the map all throughout. The issue there was a lot of needless deaths, which would bite them the next day against CLG. GGS let a 4.5k gold lead slip, and they gave up four needless deaths to throw the game.

Grade: C

Golden Guardians are now caught in a six-way tie for first due to a messy week. Not only that, they are one of two teams that face two number one teams in Week 4, TSM and Team Liquid. The reigning champion and runner up are the test we need to see if the Guardians are really golden, or just pyrite.

OpTic Gaming

LCS Week 3
Reality checked.

LCS Week 3 Record: 0-2 (4-2 Overall)

Only brick walls could stop OpTic… And their names were Team Liquid and Cloud9. LCS Week 3 saw the formerly unbeaten team drop to Cloud9 by losing their solo lanes in spectacular fashion. The Team Liquid game was even until Meteos lost a pivotal smite fight to Xmithie. OpTic simply lost control and then lost the game as a result.

Grade: C-

If OpTic was going to lose to any two teams, Liquid and C9 would have been the two. The TL game was notably better for OpTic than the C9 one, showing adaptation. They face the rising TSM and struggling Echo Fox next week, both ends of the spectrum.

Team Liquid

Pro View bottom lane for the win

LCS Week 3 Record: 2-0 (4-2 Overall)

The reigning champions weren’t the cleanest team in LCS Week 3, but they still swept. The main thing to focus on from the wins over OPT and FQ is that TL have renewed late game focus. One negative is TL conceded two barons this week, but they held opponents to an average power play of 951 gold.

Grade: A-

Had their games been cleaner, they would have made a flat A. They look to be hitting their stride, which will be imperative against Clutch and Golden Guardians in Week 4.

Team SoloMid

LCS Week 3
Just in the nick of time

LCS Week 3 Record: 2-0 (4-2 Overall)

Everything went the way of TSM in LCS Week 3. Against Clutch and Cloud9, TSM looked great. They took what they wanted, when they wanted. Zven and Bjerg looked the best they have all split. Twenty towers, five dragons, two barons, and twenty-two kills tells you all you need to know.

Grade: A+

TSM had their best week yet. It is crucial that TSM retain their form in Week 4, as they square up with GGS and OpTic. Beating two number one teams would be massive momentum for TSM going into Rift Rivals.

Clutch Gaming

One step back, two steps forward.

LCS Week 3 Record: 1-1 (3-3 Overall)

After LCS Week 3, Clutch sit as the only 3-3 team in the league. As expected, they lost to TSM, showing that they are still not elite yet. However, they are simply not a bottom tier team, as shown by their convincing victory over FlyQuest. They rest in a unique middle ground.

Grade: B

Clutch can break into the playoff race with a few key wins. They will need to focus on whichever teams drop out of first after Week 4. Team Liquid and Echo Fox are their opponents, so I expect another 1-1 week.

Counter Logic Gaming

Wait they are tied for first?

LCS Week 3 Record: 2-0 (4-2 Overall)

CLG are part of a six-way tie for first after LCS Week 3. They have a 2-2 record against the other five, one of which they beat this past week. A worrying trend for them is that they only have late game, as they lost the early-mid game against both opponents this week. This could bite them against teams who are more efficient early or better late.

Grade: B+

CLG went 2-0, but it was the least convincing 2-0 of the bunch. Cloud9 have the tools to beat them early and late, meaning it will not be an easy Week 4 for CLG. FlyQuest should be an easy win, but remember that the black and blue thrive on defying logic.

Echo Fox

LCS Week 3
I wish I could tell you it will be okay Rick.

LCS Week 3 Record: 0-2 (1-5 Overall)

Echo Fox went from a mid tier team down on its luck to a bottom feeder fast. LCS Week 3 saw them throw not one, but two 6k gold leads against CLG and 100T. You read that right. Echo Fox lost to 100 Thieves. Echo Fox couldn’t play late to save their life this week, and they couldn’t close it early either.

Grade: F+

They get an F because of the sheer magnitude of throw they managed. They get the plus because they did get those leads in the first place. OpTic and Clutch are the most likely members of the middle that FOX could hope to bounce back against, but Week 4 shouldn’t give Echo Fox fans hope.


Does anyone know where that team that beat TSM went?

LCS Week 3 Record: 0-2 (1-5 Overall)

FlyQuest went from top four to bottom three over the break somehow. Losses to TL and CG in LCS Week 3 leave them tied for last at 1-5. Every positive turned negative for the FlyFam. They got a baron against TL…and had a negative power play. They didn’t even die; Team Liquid just outplayed them.

Grade: F

FlyQuest are neck deep in crap right now. 9 losses or more practically eliminates you from playoffs, and FlyQuest are more than halfway there. Currently, they are echoing Season 8 Clutch Gaming, and that is not a comparison you want. CLG and 100T are arguably the best opponents they could have asked for, so Week 4 might see them get another win.

100 Thieves

What you don’t see is Amazing crying tears of joy at winning.

LCS Week 3 Record: 1-1 (1-5 Overall) (THEY WON A GAME!)

This is not a drill! 100 Thieves won a game in LCS Week 3! It is a freaking LCS miracle! In all seriousness though, Echo Fox threw as hard as possible to gift wrap the win, so put an asterisk by that win. They still got blasted by Clutch, so they are still in the basement.

Grade: D+ (In our hearts: A++++)

Did you expect higher? That was still one of the ugliest wins in the team’s history. The biggest positive is that they won’t be the first team to go 0-18 in LCS history. Cloud9 will destroy them before they face FlyQuest to determine the worst team in the LCS in Week 4.

Power Rankings after Week 2:

  1. Team Liquid (4-2) +2
  2. TSM (4-2) +2
  3. Cloud9 (4-2) -2
  4. Golden Guardians (4-2) -2
  5. CLG +2
  6. OpTic Gaming (4-2) -3
  7. Clutch Gaming (3-3) -1
  8. FlyQuest (1-5) +1
  9. Echo (1-5) -1
  10. 100 Thieves

These rankings might need some explanation. Team Liquid seem to be back from their slump and have the victory over TSM, so they climb to one. TSM beat Cloud9 and Clutch, so they climb too. C9 has dropped two games to other 4-2 teams, so the competition is getting to them. The rest is pretty straightforward.

Check back after Week 4 for more grades and rankings on the LCS!