Streamer brings Battle Academia Katarina to life

Cosplay pops up just days after the new skin's release

League of Legends's Icon By Nicholas Ray · May 18, 2019 12:24 AM · 


Image via Riot Games

The new Battle Academia skin line was only released two days ago, but Reddit user Scorcehri has already created the perfect Battle Academia Katarina cosplay. She shared their interpretation in a thread yesterday and on her personal Twitter.

This cosplay is about as good as it gets without having actual props or custom outfits. Apparently, all she did was buy the cheapest wig she could find and threw together some clothes that fit the part. It's a huge testament to her resourcefulness and creativity..

Commenters on both Twitter and Reddit seemed to feel similarly.

The only difference between this Battle Academia Katarina cosplay and the real thing in game is when you look at Scorcehri, you won’t get hit with a Gunblade>Q>E>R combo. Feel free to enjoy in safety.

Scorcehri said she would post more pictures soon. But before that, she answered one question that was probably at the forefront of many minds.

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