Riot Games to create governing body for collegiate League of Legends

Will be an independent division, like the LCS or LEC

League of Legends's Icon Alexander Lee · 17 May 2019


Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is developing its own governing body for collegiate League of Legends, according to a report from Sports Business Daily. The structure of this governing body will be similar to that of the 13 professional League of Legends leagues, such as the LPL and LEC, running as an autonomous division of Riot.

According to sources, this new collegiate league will require buy-ins from the schools themselves rather than the private companies and organizations that have purchased franchises in the professional leagues. The governing body, backed by an advisory board of higher education experts and collegiate sports figures, will help forge relationships between Riot and the many bureaucracies that define today’s university administrations.

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Riot’s decision follows the NCAA Board of Governors’ unanimous April 30 vote to stay out of esports for the foreseeable future. The NCAA’s laws regarding amateur players would have needed significant adjustments to mesh with the culture of esports—specifically in terms of frequent prize money.

Fortunately for Riot, the company can look to several sources of inspiration as it develops its own plan for collegiate League. Collegiate Starleague has been running college-based events for a number of esports—including LoL—for years. Meanwhile, Tespa and ESPN just hosted the inaugural Collegiate Esports Championship, which served as the culmination of the numerous spring leagues geared toward Blizzard Entertainment titles.

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