I miss the old Astralis, a song parody

Remixed from I Love Kanye, by Kanye West

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Jamie Villanueva · 17 May 2019


Image via DreamHack

I miss the old Astralis, always win gold Astralis

Fuck up your team Astralis, set on trophies Astralis

I hate the new Astralis, the only BLAST Astralis

The always dodge Astralis, conflict of interest Astralis

I miss the boring Astralis, sweep every match Astralis

I gotta say, at that time, I'd like to meet Astralis

See, the players invented Astralis, it wasn't any Astralis

And now I look and look around and there's mini Astralises (ENCE/Liquid)

I used to love Astralis, I used to love Astralis

I even had an Audi jersey, I thought I was Astralis

What if Astralis made a song about Astralis

Called "I Miss The Old Astralis"? Man, that'd be so Astralis

That's all it was Astralis, we still love Astralis

And I love you like Astralis loves Astralis

Plus, here's a bonus meme:

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