Sinatraa's clutch and inhumanly-fast Graviton Surge against Vancouver

He's going for the tobelstein.

Overwatch's Icon Scott Duwe · 16 May 2019


Photo via San Francisco Shock

Clutch players make clutch plays, whether it's Kawhi Leonard nailing a game-winning three-pointer, or Jay "sinatraa" Won leading his San Francisco Shock to a Stage 2 Finals victory over the undefeated Vancouver Titans.

The Shock defeated the Titans 4-2 in the stage final, and it was full of amazing plays—but this one by Sinatraa in the series-clinching game on Blizzard World is one of the best, and very indicative of why he's one of the best players in the world. In total, it takes him about 22 seconds to fully recharge the powerful ability.

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There's a few ways to watch the clip above to really appreciate how strong Sinatraa's play was. First, keep your eye on Sinatraa on Zarya. He lands a couple of really accurate and strong right-clicks before basically using the enemy Reinhardt, Sangbeom "Bumper" Park, as an Ultimate-charging battery.

Next, rewatch the clip, but keep your eye only on Sinatraa's Ult charge in the top right of the screen. It chunks, then gradually grows, chunks some more, and before you know it he reaches 100 percent and we hear "ogon po gotovnosti" once more. That's right, it's not "I'm going for the tobelstein" like so many believe.

Sinatraa, who signed with the Shock early on in the days leading up to OWL's inaugural season, signed a contract for $150,000 per year. It has since become a bit of a meme, with Sinatraa going so far as to name a smurf account "150K," but not many players in the league are as deserving of such a payday as him.

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