Yuumi emergency hotfix pushed following record-setting low winrate


League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 16 May 2019


Screenshot via Riot Games

Yuumi received a major hotfix yesterday to put more power into her kit, in hopes of rectifying her abysmal winrate.

More details on the changes can be found in this post to the official League of Legends forums, but we’ll give you a quick breakdown of how Riot went about boosting her numbers.

Base stats:

  • Mana regen increased

Passive - Bop ‘n’ Block

  • Passive mana restore per level increased.
  • Passive shield increased.

Q - Prowling Projectile:

  • Regular and empowered versions deal more damage per level.
  • Slow percentage and duration increased per ability rank.

E - Zoomies:

  • Minimum and maximum heal increased per ability rank.

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R - Final Chapter

  • Damage per wave decrease changed from 40% to 50% less damage.

This is a significant amount of changes for a champion that’s only been out for a single day. Riot wants to improve Yuumi’s early game in a way that makes her more enjoyable to play, regardless of your experience with the champion.

It’s a good thing the balance team didn’t hesitate with this micropatch, because some pros and high elo players have been very vocal about their disappointment with Yuumi’s overall strength and utility.

It’s typical for champions or reworks that introduce unique mechanics into the game to perform poorly or be quickly labelled as weak on their debut. While it’s unlikely that her kit brings so little to the game that she’s completely worthless, the solution may be that she simply needs more time to find her niche in the current meta.

If you have any questions about Yuumi or want to give some feedback, the team that designed her will be doing an AMA on Reddit today.

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