CSGO update adds loss bonus cap and HLTV interface

CSGO patch fixes incentives for teams to deliberately lose rounds

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Jamie Villanueva · 15 May 2019


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A brand new update in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive brought a few welcome additions to the game last night.

An economic money cap and a professional in-game match interface provided by HLTV are amongst the most notable changes in yesterday's update. Additionally, there were also many minor updates done to Ruby and Workout, two maps that were recently added to casual matchmaking, as well as some new features in Danger Zone.

The loss bonus money cap was a feature requested for several months, ever since the introduction of the counter-based round loss bonus system. The eco system theoretically allows for more buy rounds and less double ecos, effectively making matches more action-packed.

Previously, teams on a losing streak could have an integer of more than five, which allowed them to achieve loss bonuses of $3,400 until their loss bonus counter was reduced to four. If a team, for example, lost seven rounds in a row, won one round, and lost one more round, their bonus would be $3,400. But a team with five consecutive losses, one win, and one loss would instead get $2,900. Now that Valve introduced the loss bonus cap, teams won't be rewarded for losing more rounds.

In-game tournament pages are definitely a pleasant surprise for the community to receive. HLTV is a website with almost everything there is to know about professional Counter-Strike—in terms of rosters, stats, matches, tournaments, news, etc.—so it makes sense for Valve to feature a comprehensive site primarily dedicated to CS:GO.

The only noticeable drawback from this update, however, is that the play button on the top left of the Panorama UI isn't the top-most button anymore. It was was replaced by the "Looking to Play" button, which helps players find queues to play in, so that's kind of annoying.

The full patch notes can be found below.


– Unlocked Drone Pilot Tablet, Bonus Wave Money, Bonus Explore Money, and Armor+Helmet as starting item options.

– Drone Pilot upgrade is now available for purchase in the Tablet Buy Menu.

– Tasers will now always open the crate they are fired at; they no longer sometimes do partial crate damage.

– Shields dropped from death have a slight delay before being automatically picked by nearby players.

– Fixed some instances of safe models spawning in midair.

– Fixed item outline colors on dropped grenades.

– Map collision fixes and stuck spot removals, and a few visual bugs squashed too.


– Loss bonus money will now always step down to $2,900 after a team with a $3,400 max loss bonus streak wins a round.

[ UI ]

– Introducing the “Looking to Play” feature: players can now advertise themselves as available for party invites, can be invited by other parties from the “Looking to Play” tab of their CS:GO friends list, and can accept party invites from the CS:GO main menu.

– Introducing CS:GO Events: players can now see an HLTV-provided schedule of professional LAN events in the Watch tab. Favorite your preferred community tournaments and get notified about professional live matches on the CS:GO main menu.

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[ MISC ]

– Friends and other players can no longer join lobbies that already entered matchmaking queue.

– Fixed exploits related to vote commands.

[ MAPS ]

– Latest updates to community maps Ruby and Workout.


– Minor bug fixes

– Clean up

– Added setdressing

– Added boost in Alley

– Added boost spot in mid for Ts

– Overall gameplay tweaks

– Trimmed excessive areas

– Improved overall gameplay flow

– Large changes to mid to improve flow

– Rerouted alley from A main to mid

– Removed ladder bug

– Removed pixel walk


– Fixed boosting into the hole in Kids Zone

– Deleted a rogue spawn point

– Fixed some shadow issues in the court area

– Brightened the shower area slightly

[ SDK ]

– VBSP: Fixed a rare bug in displacement physics hull generation during map compilation that could result in large gaps near the edges of completely flat displacement surfaces.

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