Fortnite dataminers unearth new John Wick content

Upcoming Fortnite update will include a whole slate of John Wick related content

Fortnite's Icon Michael Hassall · 15 May 2019


Image via Lucas7yoshi and Epic Games

Spotting a John Wick in your Fortnite game used to mean you were dealing with an old school pro, who was definitely going to pop off. But as data miner Lucas7yoshi has discovered, Keanu Reeves’ iconic character is about to become a lot more common on Battle Royale Island, with the release of a pair of new John Wick skins.

The new skins will be completely separate to the original Reaper “John Wick”, which was awarded to players for reaching tier 100 in Season 3. This officially licensed John Wick skin comes in both a standard and “damage” variant.

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On top of this, it seems there’s a host of new Wick themed content being added, including the Continental hotel, wraps, umbrellas, and a limited time game mode.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum hits cinemas on May 17, and the new skins and content are likely to release as promotion for the film. John Wick and his damaged variant will be available as rewards for playing in the LTM, “Wicks Bounty,” where players compete to collect the most golden token back blings.

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