Yuumi launches with the worst debut win-rate ever

League of Legends' newest champion has teething issues

League of Legends's Icon Alexander Lee · 15 May 2019


Image via Riot Games

After weeks of anticipation, League of Legends’ newest champion, Yuumi, finally became playable in Monday’s 9.10 patch. But you might want to wait before taking the Magical Cat for a spin: so far, her winrate is record-breakingly bad.

Last night, a user took to r/leagueoflegends to call out Yuumi’s winrate, which, according to LoLalytics, was as low as 29.71% for players ranked platinum or above. Yuumi’s current winrate has improved very slightly since then, but her day-one stats gave her the worst-ever debut for a new or reworked champion.

Don’t despair, ailurophiles of Summoner’s Rift: Riot is likely to buff Yuumi, and soon. Even before her release, the League developers promised to closely monitor Yuumi’s gameplay and implement balance changes quickly, though they appear to have assumed she would risk being too good rather than laughably bad.

“We’re expecting Yuumi to be quite strong against a number of champs,” wrote design director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, “while also having clear weakness against many others...her attachment gameplay departs from normal strengths and weaknesses of a champion.”

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While it looks like Yuumi has tended more towards her aforementioned weaknesses than her strengths, it’s unclear whether Riot will wait until patch 9.11 to implement changes or simply add them via a hotfix.

Yuumi’s winrate is crazy low, but most League players would be hard-pressed to say she isn’t a new take on the support champion concept. As seen in the clip below, players can take advantage of Yuumi’s Attach mechanic to literally use her without having to touch their keyboards. Yuumi’s winrate might be abysmal, but she’s still pretty fun to experiment with.

It’s possible that Yuumi’s winrate issues may simply be a result of players not understanding how to properly use her unique moveset—after all, it’s tempting to use Attach to get out of hairy situations, but Yuumi’s utility is greatly decreased if she can’t move independently. Once players get a better handle on Yuumi’s playstyle, the Magical Cat’s winrate could very well improve.

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