Fortnite update showcases fan-created Aura skin, Neo rumored to be next

Fortnite update showcases fan-made skins and hints at new collaboration.

Fortnite's Icon Alexander Lee · 8 May 2019


Image via Epic Games

The latest Fortnite Item Shop rotation includes a pair of interesting new character skins modeled after concept art drawn by a Fortnite fan and artist named fantasyfull. The skins, based off of treasure-hunting characters Aura and Guild, are currently available for 800 V-Bucks.

In a game whose character designs are often based on memes or pop culture references, fan-art-inspired Fortnite skins are few and far between. Fantasyfull’s enthusiastic response to her concept’s selection was shared by Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard, who took to Twitter to praise the new skins’ unique design and background.

According to rumor, another skin may soon join Aura and Guild in the Item Shop: Neo, the protagonist of the beloved The Matrix media franchise. But don’t get too excited yet. At the moment, all we know for sure is that the word/phrase “NEO” is in some way relevant to Fortnite’s upcoming ninth season, as the first three teaser images released by Epic featured the letters N, E, and O (in that order).

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The images accompanying each of the letters seem to gesture towards some kind of futuristic or cyberpunk theme, which would line up with the science-fiction subject matter of The Matrix. A movie tie-in would certainly not be unexpected for Fortnite, which recently partnered with Marvel for an Avengers event.

It’s also worth noting that the third teaser seems to indicate the return of Tilted Towers in some form, following the destruction of the location during Fortnite’s season-eight-ending event.

Whatever lies in Fortnite’s future, we’ll find out when the season nine Battle Pass is released tomorrow. Until then, you can distract yourself from the waiting by taking the new Aura and Guild skins for a spin.

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