Official ruling disqualifies XXiF from Fortnite World Cup Finals

Epic Games also bans him from all competitive play for 14 days.

Fortnite's Icon Alexander Lee · 3 May 2019


Image via Epic Games

Following accusations that he cheated during the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, Rise Nation Fortnite pro Damion “XXiF” Cook has been disqualified from the competition following an official ruling by Epic Games.

“Based on an internal investigation, we have concluded that a group of players attempted to undermine the Week Three Fortnite World Cup Online Open competition on April 28 by colluding across several matches,” wrote the Fortnite team.

Their findings match the initial accusations leveled against XXiF by Raised By Kings player Patrick “HighSky,” who tweeted out a video on Monday that appeared to show XXiF’s teammates sandbagging against him during the weekend’s solo qualifiers.

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Per Epic’s announcement, XXiF and his teammates have been banned from receiving any prizes from the event and are barred from the World Cup Finals in New York.

Aside from losing his spot, though, XXiF’s punishment really isn’t that harsh. He and his friends will be banned from competitive play for only 14 days, the standard sentence for any Fortnite player found to be using cheats or abusing team strategies.

In total, Epic handed out punishments to 698 players for cheating over the weekend.

Rise Nation responded to the situation promptly, announcing the release of XXiF and his teammate Ronald “Ronaldotv” Mach while reaffirming the organization’s stance against cheating. XXiF has maintained radio silence since Tuesday, when he posted a Twitlonger protesting his innocence.

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