Another day, another Fortnite pro accused of cheating for the World Cup

So far, fans are 0 for 1 in cheating accusations.

Fortnite's Icon Alexander Lee · 30 Apr 2019


Photo via XXiF/Twitter

Rise Nation Fortnite: Battle Royale pro Damien “XXiF” C. has been accused of cheating during last weekend’s World Cup Open Qualifiers. These accusations come only a week after another qualifying finalist, Dubs, was cleared by Epic Games following accusations directed at him, too.

The accusations at XXiF first surfaced in the form of a video tweeted by Raised By Kings Fortnite player Patrick “HighSky.” According to HighSky, the video shows XXiF’s friends purposefully sandbagging by shooting a brick instead of XXiF and pickaxing a chest during a combat situation. Ultimately, XXiF eliminated both players, giving him crucial points during his successful campaign to qualify for the solo finals.

Though Epic Games has not yet confirmed nor denied the reports of XXiF’s cheating, many prominent Fortnite players have already chimed in to voice their disapproval of his actions, including Timothy “Bizzle” Miller and Sven “Svennoss” Edelenbosch.

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If HighSky’s accusations are true, then XXiF’s actions clearly fall under the list of activities banned under the World Cup Qualifiers’ rule 8.2.2, which defines “collusion” as players working “together to deceive or otherwise cheat other players during any match.”

However, given the subjective nature of the rule, it may be more difficult for Epic to conclusively prove that XXiF’s friends intentionally threw than it was for the company to investigate Dubs’ hacking accusations.

As for the accused party, he hasn’t made a public statement about the accusations yet. At the moment, his most recent tweet is simply a celebration of his finals qualification—and the ratio isn’t looking good.

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