Important: Stage Builder is Sakurai's gift to the Smash community

Super Smash Bros.'s Icon Michael Hassall · 22 Apr 2019


Image via Epicwazy

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s 3.0 patch dropped four days ago. Most people seemed to be talking about Joker, but Stage Builder mode is also a thing. And it's amazing.

In this short space of time, players have designed a host of impressive, hilarious, and creative levels. They’ve also wasted no time creating hundreds of memes, joke levels, and abominations that should never have graced the game. As Twitter user @AokiShizuku pointed out, “stage builder is miiverse 2.0”. And it’s a weirdly fair comparison.

Some of the earliest stages players made were relatively simple, but still creative. It’s a basic enough idea: Why just fight Mario when you can fight Mario on a Mario? Mario-ception.

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Quickly, players started creating some incredible homages to other games. Here’s some Sonic Adventure 2 love, with a Perfect Chaos stage. The possibility to create boss stages from any game you want is too exciting to ignore.

Even Danganronpa makes an appearance, although we don’t think Monokuma will ever make his way into a Smash game. But then again, no one expected Joker to either. Monokuma’s Final Smash would be brutal: Unique executions for every character! Followed by an even more brutal hour long investigation and court room debate!

In fact, with Stage Builder, fans are finally able to insert characters they’ve always wanted to see in the game. Obviously, this was a widely requested option, so we can now confirm that Peter Griffin is crashing into Smash! And we're so sorry.

The 3.0 patch also added the Edit Video feature to vault replays, meaning Smash now comes with its own movie-making functionality. Only good things can happen when you combine Stage Builder, the Lion King, and the new Movie Maker feature.

What are some of your best creations so far?

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