New Overwatch escort map hits PTR

Overwatch's Icon Jess Simmonds · 22 Apr 2019


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Following the release of their new hero, Baptiste, and this year’s Archives event, Blizzard have teased a new Overwatch map.

The new escort map takes players to Havana, Cuba, the city in which Storm Rising is set, and where Baptiste has roots after joining the Caribbean Coalition. Although there is no official release date for this map yet, it is already available on the PTR for PC players to test out, which means it won’t be long before it goes live.

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(Please note: The tweet accidentally calls Havana an assault map, but the press release states it’s an escort map)

This is not the first time that Blizzard have released a map that was used in an Archives event. Following the Retribution event last year, the Rialto map quickly became playable. Blizzard has also stated that they have a lot of content up their sleeves for Overwatch, so players can assume that Storm Rising and its map have been in the pipeline for a while. And it seems there’s still a lot of new content to look forward to as well.

Overwatch is free to play at the moment. Until Tuesday April 23, if you don’t already own the game, you will have full access to all game modes and maps (except Competitive), including Havana on PC.

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