Three-way tie allows NRG to scrape into ESL Pro League finals

eUnited missed it by half a hair.

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Kamil Malinowski · 16 Apr 2019


Photo via DreamHack

A three-way tie in group A of the American ESL Pro League leaves NRG with the top spot and a place at the LAN finals, while Renegades and eUnited advance in second and third place.

This group could not have been closer, as NRG, eUnited, and Renegades all finished with two wins and one loss, leaving the group to be decided by map difference. Luckily for NRG, they were able to win a map in their 2-1 loss to Renegades, meaning they had the most map wins and advanced straight to the LAN finals.  

Things started very well for NRG, who found two easy 2-0s against both INTZ and eUnited. They struggled against Renegades however, only managing to barely win one map 16:14 in their final match of the group stage.

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Renegades had a much shakier start, however, being dismantled by the American underdogs on eUnited. The Australians never really managed to get into the series, losing every half convincingly on their way to a 0-2 defeat. They managed to bounce back against INTZ, finding a quick 2-0 of their own, before beating NRG 2-1 to get back to their expected form.

The Brazilian team INTZ were never a threat in this group, losing all three of their matches without putting up much of a fight. They did help make this three way tie happen, however, by providing all the top three teams with a 2-0 win.

As all three teams with two wins managed to beat each other, head to head duels were not a possible way to decide the group. The league admins had to move to the second tie-breaker rule, map wins, which put NRG just above the competition. If round difference was the decider, then eUnited would have been at the top. The underdogs were so close to making a massive upset, yet so far.

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