Epic declines nerfs to Baller and adds respawn system in v8.30 update

Fortnite's Icon Alexander Lee · 10 Apr 2019


Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s v8.30 patch has gone live, but not without its fair share of controversy. The patch brought with it a number of interesting changes, but it did not include any adjustments to the meta-centralizing Baller vehicle.

The Baller

At the moment, the Baller is widespread in Fortnite’s endgame, as players are impervious from damage while inside the vehicle, allowing it to effectively act as a 300-health shield. The vehicle remains un-nerfed only days before the Fortnite World Cup Online Open begins. In the patch notes for v8.20, the Fortnite team promised to adjust the Ballers so that players can be damaged through their glass; however, the team has announced that these changes were not ready in time for today’s update. This decision prompted criticism from prominent Fortnite personalities such as Sypher “SypherPK” Ali.

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The Reboot Van

This exciting new element has been added to all major points of interest in Fortnite’s map. When squad members are eliminated, their teammates can now pick up their “Reboot Card” and use them in conjunction with the Reboot Vans to resurrect their fallen comrades. This mechanic might sound a little broken, but don’t worry: The reboot process takes a full 10 seconds and fires out a very noticeable beam of light in order to notify teams in the surrounding area that a resurrection is taking place. Furthermore, squad members return with limited weapons and items.

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