The Simpsons' newest episode will be about esports

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 15 Mar 2019


Screenshot via FOX

FOX will be airing an esports-themed episode of The Simpsons this Sunday at 5pm PT, according to Riot Games CEO Marc Merrill on Twitter. The episode is reportedly inspired by League of Legends, and we’re just as surprised as you are.

According to esports Twitter personality Rod Breslau, Riot was able to meet with writers from the show to provide some insight on how to accurately represent the esports and gaming community in their episode.

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This definitely takes the cake as the most ambitious (esports) crossover of 2019. Judging by the images that have been cycling around the internet, the episode seems to be about Bart Simpson spending all of his time on a particular videogame. Eventually, he gets the chance to compete in a tournament; it’s the classic backstory of an esports pro.

Can you imagine Bart in a solo queue match, telling his jungler to eat his shorts after taxing his lane? If you know anything at all about The Simpsons, then you can definitely expect this episode to have plenty of jokes aimed at League and the esports scene as a whole.

No other specific details on Riot’s involvement with the episode have been disclosed, but there’s no doubt that this marks another incredible opportunity for esports to reach a mainstream audience. Be sure to catch the episode, titled “E My Sports,” this Sunday after the LCS.

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